Will the Real Eden Hazard Please Stand up?

Real Madrid sold 33 year old Cristiano Ronaldo for 100 million euros and bought Eden Hazard to the club for exactly the same amount. The general expectation was he will rise to the challenge of filling the big boot of Ronaldo. However, injuries have hampered the winger, and he has only managed three goals in 29 games in 18 months.

One and a half years after leaving Chelsea and signing for Real Madrid Eden Hazard is being compared to Gareth Bale by Spanish media – and he is not coming out of the comparison at all well.Spanish radio stations has already started the ‘What has happened to Hazard?’. Real Madrid President Perez has completely given up on any hope of Hazard coming good.

It is difficult to imagine what the next step could be for Hazard. It’s tough to see such a talented player’s career fall apart in this manner.He has time to turn things around, but right now he looks like a very expensive mistake.

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