Juventus – An Enigma – 9 Straight Titles and Counting

Founded in 1897 Juventus has now won 9 straight Serie A titles. So you may ask whats the big deal?Bayern Munich also keeps doing this in Germany and the duo of Real Madrid & Barcelona keep exchanging titles in Laliga. Albeit the difference is in the nature of league that they operate in. We can explain how good is the Juventus system which has survived more than a century :-

Italian Serie A League :

Just like English Premier league Serie A is also a league with ultra competitive teams who on their own day can beat just about any other team in the league. In addition to the traditional Milan clubs you have Napoli which is faring quite good off late and producing consistent results in the league. Atlanta is in the Quarterfinal of Champions league this year and Roma were into the Semis a couple of year back.

The Team

During the last 9 years probably Juventus has seen many players come and go with three different managers namely Antonio Conte, Max Allegri and Maurizio Sarri managing them. Yet they have been continually producing good player like Paulo Dybala and with the latest addition of Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo they look like on course for another 4-5 titles. So its essentially not the player or coach rather the system of Juventus that keeps ticking it. Never to forget they reached two champions league Final also.

Source : Juventus Football Club Twitter channel

Some Lesser Known Facts :

Unlike other clubs Juventus fan base come from various parts of Italy apart from the home city Turin with over 38% of all Italina football fan base . They have now won 38 Serie A title in total which is equal to sum of total titles won by Both Milan clubs Combined. Juventus is the Second oldest football club in Italy after Geneo Football Club. With this We are leaving you with the theme song of the club :